@yogawithunicorn  Amisha teachesYoga for Beginners Thursdays at 4:30 p.m.


Amisha teachesYoga for Beginners Thursdays at 4:30 p.m.

Amisha Stanley, affectionately known as “The Unicorn” laid the foundation for her yoga practice in 2014 after feeling stagnant in a stage of her many weight loss journeys.  She knew that a physical change was necessary in order to balance the mental and emotional challenge she undertook to lose over 100lbs naturally.  She began emulating photos she’d seen on Instagram, searching for plus size yogis and YOC (Yogis of Color), then attended her 1st community yoga class although it felt welcoming, she also felt very out of place, especially after having represented larger bodies for over 25years.  It wasn’t until an old friend saw a post on Facebook and offered her a free pass to a hot yoga class, and she was able to practice with someone that looked like her, did her comfortably shift. 

The strength, beauty and just effortlessness of yoga, done with ALL bodies, is what drew her in and the practice of going beyond the physical is what keeps her in.  Seeing her love of dance and movement, pair itself with the dynamic beauty of yoga, the fluidity of physical therapy; all ignited her desire to create a practice to feel continual appreciation for body conscious movement.  Learning how yoga is here to teach us to self-heal with self-love, self-mindfulness, and being present with self.  

Amisha’s background has seamlessly led her into the arms of Yoga.  As a natural educator and altruist, extending her 1st free Yoga class to the community in 2016 she fell in love again.  Offering Breathing techniques, yoga asana, strength building moves, with a mix of the fluidity of her foundation in physical therapy, her classes are always a learning and fun experience.  Students get an invitation to dig into their inner selves to find the strength to try and smile while doing it.  

After being laid off in 2018 from her Executive Assistant position, she dove full swing into her Yoga teacher training with The Tree SouthLA the very next week.  After the 1st week, she knew she had made a great decision and had taken on a venture that would forever transform her. Graduating in 2018 with 15+ YOC (Yogis of Color) and being the last Green Tree Yoga and Meditation Cohort felt amazing. 

No longer feeling like the big girl that had something to prove, now it was just Amisha proving she was The UNICORN, beautiful, magical creature with limitless abilities.