@c.mvibes  Crystal teaches Mindfulness Meditation Thursday at 7:30p


Crystal teaches Mindfulness Meditation Thursday at 7:30p

In 2017 Crystal quit her corporate job to begin her spiritual journey by starting her Wholistic healing business. She started as a Reiki Healer and after noticing how stressful being an independent contractor could be and noticing the ways that stress affected her state a zen she began to develop her personal meditation and yoga practice. In 2018 she became a certified Atma Yoga Meditation Teacher and received her Yoga Teacher certification from The Tree South LA. Tho her meditation and yoga practice is young, she channels the wisdom from her ancestors and spirit guides to guide students through a self-awareness, self-love, and mindful class. Excited about her continued education and next steps in her journey she uses all of her experiences to channel her own self power to help others find their inner wisdom and power.