Giving to create Justice

Mindfulness. Social Justice. Sustainability.

Mission: To create sustainable health equity by addressing individual wellbeing and community support.

Our grassroots non-profit serves to support and transform our world. We do this by being a community led organization that offers services to directly address health inequities. We are grateful for you, choosing our community and the ways in which we serve, to express your support and make a difference.

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Training Leaders

Our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training has trained 100 yogis of color in the past 4 years.

We’ve created access to education by staying financially accessible and rooted in social justice.

Offering a viable trade to lead, teach, and heal the world one yogi at a time.

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We offer yoga & meditation classes 7 days a week, by donation. Serving 6000 students annually.

We offer outreach classes meetings needs of our diverse demographics within our community; housing centers, schools, youth.

We host workshops led by community members and leaders, supporting teachers and facilitators, that bring education and practice to South Los Angeles. The community supports the community.

We hold marketplaces for local business and vendors to sell their products and services while creating family fun events to celebrate and build community.

Where are we expanding?

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Expanded Growth: Expanding into addition two spaces 1800 sq ft. renovating both of the spaces. The first space will be creating an alternative space for youth focused classes, further trainings and mindfulness classes, and additional collective rental use, the second space we will be bringing in healthy food along with supporting the selling of local goods within the space.

Environment: Installing lighting around the studio creating a well lit external safe space, replace the windows and door to bring the volume of street noise down within the location, purchase well lit signage for outside the space, repaint front of the building, and restore plant boxes.

Outreach Programs: We offer different outreach classes within schools, community centers, housing development centers and other organizations. We are looking to expand our outreach, creating a fund specifically covering the cost of outreach classes, to directly serve specific demographics within our community; at risk women, elders, veterans….

Yoga Teacher Training: In order to keep our 200-hr Yoga Alliance training accessible, we offer a holistic comprehensive program at a $600-$1200 less then the average price of a training. Your contribution allows yogis to receive an accredited, progressive Yoga Teacher Training at a possible rate.