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Kemetic Yoga with Guest Aja Souljourner

  • The Tree South LA 8227 South Western Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90047 United States (map)

Anuwolley host an evening of Kemetic Yoga with guest Instructor Aja Souljourner, (KYT, RYT 200). This is an all levels class that will harness the energy of the Spring Equinox and the Kemetic New Year to clear away stuck mental, emotional, and physical energy and nurture the eggs of what is becoming. This is our time for rituals of balance and new beginnings. 

Aja facilitates a slow moving, hieroglyphic meditative flow for every body that roots Iyengar tradition in Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) postures to bring your mind, body, and spirit into alignment. Each session grows through you in postures, geometrically progressed sequences, breath work, (heka) sound, and meditation. We begin with raising our consciousness of how Kemetic civilization and cosmology continues to inform our awareness through mythology and socio-historical analysis. We then relate this expansion of mind to the physical and energetic postures that make up the practice of Smai Tawi, Kemetic yoga. This (w)holistic Afrikan practice opens your body channels and invites spirit to free you from root to crown.

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RoyalTeas, with natural custom blended Teas

Baba's Vegan Cafe, #pattyman will be present with Plant Based Delights!

What is Kemetic Yoga?

Smai Tawi is a system of postures and movement that was practiced over 10,000 years ago in KMT, the North Afrikan civilization of pre-dynastic Ancient Egypt. It combines physical movement, meditation, self-study, and breathwork that stimulates the flow of essential life energy (sekem). It is a practice that is true to the meaning of its name “union of two lands,” integrating both the upper and lower bodies towards a full sublimation of the personality to the Self.