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Mystical Reading + Asana

  • The Tree South LA 8227 South Western Avenue Los Angeles United States (map)
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Description: A 90 minute class where participants can expect to move through an invigorating heart-opening yoga asana, with an intention to become open to receive clairvoyant and oracle deck readings, explore their astrological birth chart, and transcend into a deeper conscious connection with the energetic self. With Ellen, each individual will be given an insightful look into their astrological birth chart, and with Imani, everyone will have the opportunity to focus on one specific question while receiving an intimate clairvoyant and oracle deck reading.

About Imani + Ellen:

Ellen is a swimwear designer, artist and intuitive. Her intuitive practice is focused on astrology, tarot, and moon magic.  She offers astrology and birth chart readings upon request. Imani is the Founder of SWAJE, choreographer and intuitive. Her intuitive practice is focused on oracle decks and clairvoyant readings. She can be found giving readings at Yoni Circle in Los Angeles or upon request. Together Ellen and Imani are The Woke Mystix, with a podcast where they speak on spirituality, astrology, holistic wellness, self-care and the divine. You can find them on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Soundcloud as The Woke Mystix. @thewokemystix

About Eveny:

Eveny is a Los Angeles based fashion designer and intuitive yoga instructor. She connects with her students through mindful meditation, movement, and music. Her classes help provide a physical challenge, mental clarity, and focus on chakra healing. You can find her teaching at Radha Yoga in LA and she is also a part of The Tree Yoga community. @evuhknee