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Yoga, Spirituality, & Reiki: An Introspective and intersected practice for Mental Wellness

  • The Tree South LA 8227 South Western Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90047 United States (map)

 Yoga, Spirituality, & Reiki: An Introspective and intersected practice for Mental Wellness was created by musical artist, mental wellness advocate, and reiki practitioner, Marguerite Alexis ( along with Lauren Ross, Yoga teacher, DJ, and event curator. 

This workshop explores the power of yoga, spirituality, and reiki with regard to how it can uplift one’s mental wellness and spiritual consciousness. Throughout the beginning of the workshop, Marguerite will play piano and sing live while Lauren leads participants in a relaxed restorative yoga flow along with live drumming. Participants will receive reiki from Marguerite while laying down at the end of the yoga section and will receive essential oils such as lavender oil which promotes relaxation, supports reduction of depression, and better sleep. Reiki is a Japanese form of healing, a palm healing technique that can channel energy into a client by means of light touch to restore physical, spirituality and emotional well-being. 

The second part of the workshop will focus on teaching the group how to provide self-reiki treatments that can promote more balance and peace. We will discuss how different religions, and spiritual practices can support well being. An emphasis on mindfulness and meditation exercises will be used throughout this section. Journaling will be a part of this segment to reflect on the modalities used throughout the workshops such as music, reiki, and yoga and we will pose questions to the group that they can reflect on to create more balance, wellness, and peace in their lives. The exercises will help participants work on thought management and will focus on concepts rooted in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Zen Buddhism such as: Wise Mind, Checking the Facts, and creating a positive meditation practice. 

The workshop will address mental health in all communities but especially communities of color, focusing on topics such as suicide prevention, depression, anxiety, trauma, and educating participants on resources on how to apply these holistic practices on their daily lives. By addressing these important issues, the workshop focused on how the integration of these holistic practices can aid in creating an integrated path to improved Mental Wellness and Recovery. Information will be given such as helplines, talk lines, crisis and non-crisis support as well in the form of a handout. Both women of color bring unique perspectives spiritually from their different faith backgrounds to this work. They are all striving to show the power of unity and the beauty of difference in reaching optimal holistic mental health and wellness overall through community, compassion, and supporting one another in love, truth, and grace.  

Suggested Donation $30

No person turned away for lack of funds

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